Dr. Sebastian Francisc Stanculescu is a humanist psychologist born in an old European noblemen family with origins in Vienna, Austria. He started his activity as a personal counselor and group trainer over 20 years ago. Now he leads workshops and holds lectures all around the world and has private sessions in Vienna and Bucharest, in private clinics. His events reached more than 50 000 people by 2020, in 22 years of activity.

I believe that every human being can be happy and fulfilled on many layers of life if he/she gives his/her life a meaning and reaches out for his true priorities. For over twenty years my work has been a contribution to having more happy, free and moral people around. The most special moments of my professional life are the times when a client or a student enters my office with a noble look on his face, with his back straightened and his heart full of trust telling me that he has found the meaning of his life. For these moments all effort proves worthwhile.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Stănculescu (AM, PhD)