Training in couple psychology and family psychology

The training is destined for therapists who need better tools for couple counseling or persons who desire to work with the challenges that one meets in normal couple and family everyday life in order to find means for building a healthier relationship with the ones we love. The traning is designer with tools for persons who who wish to become better partners in both family and couple relationships.


The program is a two year training during which we study the fundamental processes of relationship connections on two dimensions, on the vertical line, child and parents, and on the horizontal line, as partners in a couple. We will work with basic elements of: couple psychology, psycho-sexology, family psychology and modern parenting techniques and self development tools for family and couple life


This training helps you identify personal resources for better relationship abilities aswell as finding answers to questions such as the following:

– How do we find balance in a relationship?

– What is masculinity and femininity?

– How do we deal with the needs of my partner?

– What are the limits we should set in a couple relationship and in a family relationship?

– What patterns might we have inherited from our parents?

– What is the rhythm of a relationship ?

– How do we find tools for personal development in personal and family environments?


All modules of the training take place during four intensive weekends a year in groups of 35 to 70 participants.

The schedule of the whole training is set for the whole three year period of training for all twelve modules.

New groups usually start every year, the registrations being taken into account in the order of your submission.

The training is structures in nine weekend modules:

1) What is a relationship and how do we choose our partners?
2) The mirroring of our parents. Constructive and destructive relational patterns. Power and authority in relationships.
3) Identification and identity. Relationships crisis and mirroring.
4) Sexuality, sexual dynamics and related processes.
5) Masculinity.
6) Femininity
7) Rhythms of a relationship.
8) From dating to building up a family. About responsibility and taking charge.
9) Ideals and priorities. Personal development in families and personal relationships


The participation fee is 1200$ for US (1000for Europe)/ person/ weekend module.


For signing up, please send us an email at

This training does not represent a professional training, therefore no professional credits will be given.